Kate Waterhouse, Lynette Phillips & Icy Ling | Ultraformer III

it’s Ultraformer!

Ultraformer III is the most advanced ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring technology. No downtime, more compliments.

"I can’t believe that you can see these types of results from something that is this non-invasive. ULTRAFORMER III is really a non-surgical facelift! I’ve noticed a difference, especially in my cheekbones. They look sculpted and lifted."

Kate Waterhouse

"I noticed a difference immediately after my ULTRAFORMER III treatment. My face looked plump and lifted. Best of all, it was done in my lunch break. After that, I was straight back in the office."

Lynette Phillips

“The ULTRAFORMER III treatment was really comfortable. I was chatting with my clinician the whole time, and it was finished in an hour. Right after, my skin looked refreshed.”

Icy Ling

What is Ultraformer III?

Global Leader in Multi-Depth Ultrasound Techniques

The ULTRAFORMER III is a completely non-invasive, face lifting and tightening, body tightening and contouring device that provides a customized treatment procedure for the entire face, neck, and body.

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See naturally lifted results after a single treatment thanks to micro-focused ultrasound energy contracting collagen fibres deep in the subcutaneous layer.



No lights or lasers mean it can safely target delicate areas all over the body with no downtime.



The world’s number one non-surgical facelift trusted by doctors all over the world.

Clinical Results

Patients notice an immediate benefit in improved skin tone and texture, with ongoing improvements over 3 to 6 months.

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Clinical Results | Ultraformer III
Clinical Results | Ultraformer III
Clinical Results | Ultraformer III
Clinical Results | Ultraformer III
Clinical Results | Ultraformer III
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