Cryomed FMS Syringe

FMS Fine Micro Syringe

The only ultra-thin wall needle, effective for injecting Botulinum Toxin, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, local anesthetics, mesotherapy,
PRP, Hyaluronidase, Insulin and other solutions.

Product description

Optimise Aesthetic Outcomes

  • with Cryomed’s unique Fine Micro Syringes.
  • o.3ml & 0.5ml 32 Gauge ultra-thin wall needle
  • Requires less extrusion force, therefore provides a smoother injection
  • Engineered with a neat cutting edge for smoothest entry and exit
  • Surface of needle is micro polished for minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Causes minimal trauma: more comfortable procedure, less haemorrhage and significantly reduced injection marks
  • 0.3ml supplied in bags of 10 per blister bag
  • 0.5ml & 1.0ml Individually wrapped

Fine Micro Syringes are available in the following sizes:

Volume Gauge Needle Length
0.3ml 32G 8mm
0.5ml 32G 10mm
1.0ml 31G 12mm
fine micro syringe

Product Videos and features

Fine Micro Syringes

neat cutting edge

Neat Cutting Edge

neat cutting edge

Ultra Thin Wall

micro polished surface

Micro Polished Surfaces

Research Papers and News

611 Potpourri Approach to HA Filler

ajd 611 potpourri approach to HA filler injections 1
ajd 611 potpourri approach to HA filler injections 2
ajd 611 potpourri approach to HA filler injections 3

748 Fractional Filling

ajd 748 fractional filling 1
ajd 748 fractional filling 2
ajd 748 fractional filling 3

HA Injection

ajd 598 HA injection 31G syringe 1
ajd 598 HA injection 31G syringe 2


The patient experience is important when it comes to having cosmetic treatments. FMS needles are particularly fine gauge and this allows not only for less pain on injection, but also allows for a smoother injection rate which also reduces pain. The syringe plunger doesn’t ‘stick’ like others. This solves the problem of over-injection to compensate for the stickiness that I have noticed with other of similar products.

Dr Gavin Chan, The Victorian Cosmetic Institute

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