Cryomed FMC Cannula

Absolute Choice by DOCTORS

Electro polished ultra-thin wall cannula with blunt tip enables atraumatic treatment with most fillers.

Product description

FMC is built for optimal injecting outcomes

  • Ultra Thin Wall A wider calibre enables lower extrusion force and results in smoother and more controlled injection.
  • Clinical Safety The gently curved cutting edge of the side hole facilitates smooth cannula insertion; electro polished and coated surface helps prevent tissue damage. Individually wrapped to ensure maximum sterility.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Absolute flexibility and strength of the stainless steel.
  • Precise Injection Gradation and dot locator ensure precise injection.
  • Pre-hole sharp needle Cannula is presented in a blister package, which contains a pre-hole sharp needle with the same diameter.

Available Sizes:
22G/70mm, 22G/50mm, 25G/50mm, 25G/40mm, 27G/50mm, 27G/40mm, 27G/25mm, 30G/25mm

fine micro cannula

Product Videos and features

Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection

pic1 1

Electro Ground Cannula with Wider Injection Hole

Flawless surface enables smoother insertion

pic2 1

Ultra Thin Wall

Provides safer and smooth injection

pic3 1

High Quality Stainless Steel

Excellent flexibility and tenacity

pic4 1

Precise Injection

User-friendly Scale mark and dot locator for more accurate injection

pic5 1

Polycarbonate Hub with Screw-Lock Type

Stable locking, endures higher pressure

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