Aquapure II

Smart Genuine Facial Care System

The AQUAPURE II is a multi-functional dermal hydro facial and body care device combined with wet & dry dermabrasion,
micro-focused needling and LED hand-pieces into one single system.

Product description

Experience the Ultimate
Skincare Treatment

AQUAPURE II hand-piece is equipped with various proprietary solution delivery, which infuses with exfoliating and anti-oxidant ingredients,
resulting in the improvement of skin hydration, and skin elasticity with collagen regenerating effects.

AD (Aqua+Diamond) Peel

AD Peel Technology creates channels in the skin to enhance delivery of solutions, further maximising the effects of microdermabrasion. While removing dead skin cells, it cleanses pores and delivers moisturising agents and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.

New Upgraded AD Peel Technology 

Advanced concept of AD(Aqua+Diamond) peel technology improves skin exfoliation and extraction in a shorter time, thus reducing treatment time. 

Precise Solution Control Technology

Utilizes a stable adjustment valve to deliver equal distribution of all solutions being applied during all treatment circumstances.

Simultaneous Use with LED Light

Operator is able to treat two patients simultaneously.

(Micro-focused) Needle

New transdermal delivery technology with vacuum maximises treatment comfort, efficiency and results. By using a thin needle, nutrients are supplied to the epidermis through microscopic channels and elasticity is improved through epidermal remodelling.

User-friendly Smart Auto Reaction 

The Smart Auto Reaction Interface detects and enables automatic recognition of all activated hand pieces. 

Higher Suction Power

AQUAPURE II is equipped with dual motor heads to produce better treatment results.

*2.5 times stronger suction power than the previous version.

Complete Skincare with AQUAPURE II


It removes old skin cells, improves skin tone and texture, and helps supplying nutrients to the skin cells.


While removing dead skin cells, it cleans pores and delivers moisturising agents and nutrients to the deep layer of the skin.

MF Needle

By using a thin needle, nutrients are supplied to the epidermis through microscopic holes and elasticity is improved through epidermal remodeling.


It helps in blood circulation of skin cells, improves complexion, controls sebum, and is effective in improving inflammation response.


The optional LightPure LED helps to boost blood circulation of skin cells, improves the complexion,
controls sebum production, and improves inflammation response.

625nm Red Cell activity; Skin firming anti-ageing efficacy 520nm Green Balance the water and oil 465nm Blue Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AQUAPURE II WORK?

AQUAPURE II is a multifunctional facial and body care device combining microdermabrasion system with solution delivery, microneedling and LED therapy into one single system for the treatment of various skin concerns.

What concerns are suitable for AQUAPURE II treatments?

Due to the non-invasive nature of AQUAPURE II treatments, almost anyone who desires glowing and healthy skin is an appropriate candidate. Some of the most common skin concerns treated by AQUAPURE II include fine lines, UV-induced skin damage, problematic skin and dehydration by enhancing skin tone and texture on both face and body.

What preparation or downtime is required for AQUAPURE II treatments? 

There are no special requirements prior to an AQUAPURE II treatment other than removing makeup and cleansing the skin. Post-treatment, patients should avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours and ensure the application of sunscreen. Saunas and strenuous exercise should be avoided for approximately 1 week. 

When do results become apparent?

Immediate benefits are noticed after treatment, with gradual improvements also seen as new collagen is produced. A course of six to eight treatments is recommended, followed by quarterly maintenance treatments.  

How long do treatments with AQUAPURE II take?

A complete AQUAPURE II treatment can take as little as 30 to 45 minutes with no downtime.

What advantage does the AQUAPURE II have over other cosmetic procedures?

The multi-functional AQUAPURE II device is equipped with unique hand-pieces which allow operators to provide impressive skin rejuvenation results with individualised treatment plans based on each patient’s specific needs. Thus, AQUAPURE II is able to improve and address a wide range of skin types and concerns on both face, neck and body.

How can the AQUAPURE II benefit my practice?

The multi-functional AQUAPURE II programs allows practitioners to provide customised treatment plans for a wide demographic of patients without any limitation on skin tone and type. Treatments are reliable with minimal downtime resulting in a high level of consumer satisfaction. With a course of six to eight treatments recommended, practices beneft from frequent patient visits. 

Optimised Applicators


The first step of treatment is the process of non-irritating skin scaling which facilitates accelerated exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells and other impurities.

The second step of treatment is for sebum dissolution, treatment of blackheads, and effective pore control. This assists the skin to balance between oily and moisture textures.

The final step of treatment promotes skin elasticity by inducing collagen and elastin regeneration and improving the inhibition of moisture loss by improving water retention.

To provide a convenient cleaning agent specifically made for the needs of the system, CLEANSYS assists in easy maintenance procedures for the AQUAPURE.

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