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Local Team and Committed to Supporting Your Business

Local, Dynamic and Diverse. Cryomed Aesthetics was born from a passion and the dedication to provide medical devices and products to businesses in Australia & New Zealand. We are focused on being the market leader for latest technology and providing the highest levels of customer support. We source and support realistic and affordable opportunities for our partner businesses. Our advanced portfolio consists of lasers, medical-aesthetic devices and surgical robotics.

Based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and Auckland, the success and strength of Cryomed is derived from its dynamic and diverse team of professionals offering vast experience in the medical, cosmetic and aesthetic fields. We are a major technology partner with many of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful medical-aesthetic brands. We understand the needs of modern Australian businesses, from small, medium and large-scale, and the importance of keeping investment manageable and worthwhile.

Our experience enables us to offer our portfolio of products with total confidence behind tried and tested technology, producing real results with fast return on investment. You’re committed to helping your patients make the most of their faces or bodies, to correct imperfections, and to put their best face forward and enjoy the body they visualise. You have the expertise to refresh, rejuvenate and reshape people – our role is to support you in your journey.

We set out on this mission in 2013, our aim to source the best aesthetic devices the world has to offer. That means the best technology, for the most reasonable price, with the greatest potential for profitability. And today, we not only offer those devices everywhere in Australia and New Zealand, we also provide face-to-face and online training, comprehensive marketing assistance, and ongoing product and service support – so you can concentrate on the satisfaction of your patients and the growth your business.

Your Team of Experts

Alyson Halalilo

Business Development Manager

Jamie Powell

Business Development Manager (NSW North-NZ)

Sandy Taudien

Aesthetic Solutions

Haree Park

Executive Assistant to Managing Director

Krystian Szuba

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Locker

Managing Director

Cherise Duffett

Clinical Application Specialist Manager (B.H SCI C.D.T)

Nathalie Sosa

Clinical Training & Sales Support


Technical Manager


Service Manager


Logistics Manager

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